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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dexter: New Blood 1.7: Dexter vs. Kurt

The big question for Dexter in Dexter: New Blood 1.7 was whether Angela and the police would arrest and convict Kurt or would he, in Dexter's inimitable inner voice, end up on Dexter's "killing table".

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

But the episode ends with Dexter being kidnapped by one of Kurt's tools.  The significance of this is what has been clear all along: Kurt is a capable opponent of Dexter.  He's unflappable under all kinds of questioning.  He's fast on his feet, quick to come up with a plausible and savvy explanation for his DNA on the bit of skin on Iris's tooth.  Kurt says it's his father's, whose DNA of course would be similar but not identical to Kurt's, but in a deteriorated sample which could lose those differences, or make them unclear, with the result that Kurt could not be successfully prosecuted.

So Dexter has no choice but to go after Kurt, and get Kurt on that killing table, but it won't be easy.  Not only is Kurt cunning, but Dexter has to get Kurt on the table under Angela's nose.  And though she and Dexter drew closer in this episode, no small feat given that she had discovered Dexter's true identity, Molly who has turned out to be pretty sharp is now getting Angela suspicious of Dexter maybe doing more than just taking on a new identity.

Meanwhile, Dexter has something of a breakthrough with Harrison, actually a big breakthrough in realizing he has to tell Harrison about the serial killings Dexter did in Miami, but it's impossible to know how that will work out.  It conceivably could strengthen Harrison's impulse to violence, which is precisely what Dexter doesn't want for his son.

With just three episodes left of this outstanding rebooted series, here's a prediction:  Harrison's predilection to cause people bodily harm will help Dexter, maybe even save his life, in Dexter's battle with Kurt.

See you back here next week.

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