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Monday, December 6, 2021

Hightown 2.7: Getting Down to Business

Whew, storm clouds really gathering over Cape Cod in last night's powerful Hightown 2.7 on Starz.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Frankie realizes that Jorge was murdered.  He says it's come down to him and Renee against the world now.  He still doesn't know about Renee and Ray.  And it's not one-hundred percent clear how Ray feels about Renee, and what exactly he's doing with her.  He's powerfully attracted to her, and loves to sleep with her, yes.  Probably he really loves her, too.  But he loves his job, too -- his now former job of being a detective, which he wants more than anything else to get back.  Would he use Renee, even sacrifice her, to get back his job?  I wouldn't say definitely, one-hundred percent no.

Meanwhile, Jackie has hit rock bottom, as she tells Ray.  Her rapprochement with her father was short lived, extinguished by his easy willingness to use her as a prostitute.  With no father now added to no lover (Leslie), Jackie turns to Ray for support.  She even wants his support physically, in bed with her. And in the denouement of this great scene, she jokes that it it's ok if they make out, but none of that "dick" business.

In perhaps the only undilutedly positive development, it was good to see Osito's relationship develop with the physical therapist.  It occurred to me, as I saw him reading a book in his cell, that Osito is Hightown's Stringer Bell -- drugsters with a literally literate intellect.

See you back here next week.

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