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Friday, December 9, 2022

Slow Horses 2.3: Faster Than You Think

Whew, Slow Horses aren't/isn't fooling around this season -- not that they/it weren't/wasn't deadly serious along with their/its deadpan humor in the first two seasons -- but [spoilers follows ...]

Killing off a major supporting character at the beginning of the third episode is one wicked move.   Not to mention that Min was one of the more lovable characters, especially by Louisa.   But just to make sure you -- the viewer -- didn't get too upset about this loss, it was fun to see all the other characters reacting true to form to Min's death.

Especially Ho, who remarks that Min was "ok for an average guy".  We've seen sarcastic, self-absorbed computer guys before, but Ho has become the definitive portrayal of that archetype in my book.  And Lamb's response, "I hope you don't get to write my obit," was just right for him, too.

But Lamb is getting to be a much more serious character than he was last season.  He doesn't believe for an instant that Min's death on the bicycle was an accident, even though he did have a lot alcohol in him. The next to final scene of Lamb confronting the woman who claimed to be the driver was a great piece of MI-6 work, whatever the name of the unit.

Of course, the whole point of this narrative is that Slough House isn't really slow at all.  Indeed, as Spider's comments again make clear, it's the agents back at headquarters who are little behind the eight ball, at least some of them, some of the time.  But you do get the feeling, watching this series, with Mick Jagger singing at the beginning and the end (I keep mentioning that because it's so good), but you do get the feeling that these slow horses may be the best defense our free world can muster.

Even if Lamb takes off his well-worn shoes and puts his socked feet up on his desk right in front of a fan.  Hey, that's how the man does his best thinking.

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