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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Slow Horses 2.1-2.2: Do Horses Eat Ramen?

Slow Horses is back (I keep wanting to say "are back") on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes of its second (short) season.

The repartee is better than ever, with Cartwright chiding Lamb for eating his ramon like a "dying horse," whatever exactly that means.  He looked ok to me, and I was glad we at least didn't get another demonstration of his flatulence (sorry, was that a spoiler?),

[Anyway, there may be spoilers ahead ... ]

Sid was still gone, but we did get Shirley Dander (Aimee-Ffion Edwards), who may be Sid's replacement?  Plotwise, all four of the investigative horses -- Lamb, Cartwright, Guy, and Harper -- are in top form, better than in the first season, in fact.  They seem closer to succeeding than earlier this year, making a lot of progress on the case at hand.

That case is pretty good, too.  Phil Davis puts in a good few minutes at the beginning of the first episode as the ill-fated former spy Dickie Bets who dies of an induced heart attack on a bus. (The London ambience is gritty and effective.)  Good to see him (Phil) back on the screen.   The Russkies as either bad guys, pawns in a bigger game, or both, do a convincing job, though their role as likely villains is so well worn it's almost funny--  Wait, maybe that's the point?

Mick Jagger singing a little at the beginning and more at the end if very welcome again, and never gets out of date.  Speaking of which, however: I caught a mention of "Her Majesty" in the first episode, which dates this second season.  I would have gone in and overdubbed a "His Majesty," but, hey, what do I know, I'm an American.

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