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Friday, December 23, 2022

Slow Horses 2.4-2.5: Lamb Firing On All Cylinders

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to review Slow Horses 2.4 last week.  I was really busy, and I didn't have the time to write about a bunch of "misfits and boozers," to quote Mick Jagger in the title song--

No, I'm only kidding.  Last week's episode was brilliant, with first class spywork by Lamb in cracking the case of how Min was really killed, and the best episode so far as well for River, literally out in the field.  He even had me hoping he'd get lucky with that daughter on the ranch.  (I don't know, that whole place had a U. S out-West vibe, didn't it?)

This week's episode 2.5 was outstanding, too.  We get a subtle return of Lamb's flatulence in silent but deadly form -- well, not really deadly, you have to be careful using such words about this kind of series -- and ...

[Spoilers ahead ...]

Spider getting just what he deserves.  Ok, I don't mean to be so callous about it, he is one of ours, and the scene with him with the blood on the floor was pretty ugly, but I can't say I hope he somehow survives on my "if you're not shot in the head, you can make it" principle, which I think always rules in television.  But he is an outstandingly obnoxious character in a series that excels in that.  (Who's the second most obnoxious -- Roddy?  Yeah.)

One thing about Slow Horses I really don't much like is that the series moves too fast.  I mean, next week is the Season 2 finale already?  Now I do really feel a little bad that I didn't review 2.4 last week, because I know that all too soon, I won't have any episodes to review at all, until another short season, #3, comes sarcastically along.

But I'll be back here next week with my thoughts on the Season 2 finale.

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