Monday, February 26, 2007

24 Season 6: hr 11: Charles Logan and Wayne Palmer

Tonight was the night for presidents on 24.

Charles Logan, glimpsed just briefly last week, emerged as a major player. Living under house arrest, the former, Nixonian president looked better than he - or Nixon - ever did, with a beard and a calm we never saw before. That was likely because Logan didn't have that last year. He apparently has found religion - quoting from the Bible as he looks at himself in the mirror - and we can only hope that he sees God on his side for the good.

Meanwhile, Wayne Palmer - whose brother, former President David Palmer, was killed at the beginning of last year in a plan to which then President Logan acquiesced - is in grave danger himself back in Washington. A bomb brought to the podium by Tom Lennox's assistant, and despite Lennox's attempt to stop it, blows up with President Wayne Palmer and former terrorist Assad in the room. Assad notices and calls out about the bomb at the last minute - but did he and Palmer get out of harm's way in time? Coming attractions show Palmer alive but in bad condition, with Assad anyone's guess.

And speaking of guessing - who exactly is behind all of this? The Russian Grdenko is running the Arab Fayed, that part is clear. But who exactly are the super patriots who are trying to kill Wayne Palmer? Are they in the same group as Jack's father Phillip and Charles Logan?

One thing is clear - there are a lot of bad guys around. And if none of them are as yet revealed as working inside CTU, we should at least be concerned that Chloe is as distracted as Morris, leaving Bill Buchanan more short-handed than ever...

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