Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lost: Desmond Deja Vu

The resumed third season of Lost continued tonight, with a more-or-less standalone episode devoted to Desmond - the man who was minding the hatch's countdown computer until Locke arrived (John Locke relieved Desmond David Hume - a nice philosopher's touch); who had some inexplicable meetings with Lost denizens (such as Jack) prior to arriving on the island; and who apparently can see the future.

As a time-travel tale, tonight's episode was pretty good. Charlie becomes aware of Desmond's abilities, especially after Desmond saves Claire from drowning (and also noticing that lightning was going to strike Claire's tent, earlier this year). Since the story is told from Desmond's point of view, we learn only at the end of the show that Desmond was actually saving Charlie - first from being struck by the lightning, then from drowning in an attempt to save Claire. Charlie, of course, has no knowledge of this, because Desmond changed history by stopping the causes of Charlie's death. So our Charlie has no idea that he died, then did not die, due to Desmond's intervention

It was also grand to see Fionnula Flanagan back on television, with Desmond in London - I loved her performance in Showtime's Brotherhood this Fall.

But I'm still waiting for a little more action in moving the fundamental mysteries of Lost forward to resolution. At this point we still know barely more than we knew at the beginning of the second season, in the Fall of 2005.

But I'm patient when it comes to the possibilities of great television - as I said last week - and I'm a sucker for time travel stories, to boot. So I'll give tonight's episode a thumbs up, and hope the coming attractions come through with their promise to resolve three big mysteries next week.

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