Monday, February 12, 2007

24 Season 6: hrs 8-9: Phillip, Milo, and Morris

Double-dose of tonight's 2-hour 24 picked up where Jack's father Phillip left off last week, and made him twice as bad. Killing Jack's brother Graem was one thing - Graem after all was part of the team that ordered the killings of David Palmer, Michelle, and Tony. But Phillip Bauer is threatening to kill his grandson ... Jack's nephew (unless it turns out that Josh Bauer is really Jack's son, which is just a wild supposition at this point, but he does look a lot like Kim).... And leading Jack to his death in a booby-trapped house...

Jack of course avoids being blown up. And I also enjoyed the heroics of Milo Pressman, played by Eric Balfour. It's always good to see a guy who works behind a computer take charge out in the field. Milo was great driving a van and saving Jack's sister in law.

The same cannot be said for Chloe's former husband Morris O'Brien. This wasn't his finest evening - he broke under torture and gave Fayed what he needed to activate the remaining suitcase nukes. Not only not commendable, but not entirely believable. It's a little hard to swallow Morris giving terrorists the keys to nukes, even under torture, especially after one already went off near LA.

But, oddly, the depth of the evil of Jack's father is not that hard to believe. Jack must have come from some sort of incredible family. Fortunately for us, the single-minded ruthlessness that Jack inherited is used by him for the good.

And the USA will need every ounce of it in the weeks ahead, as forces of darkness converge not only on Los Angeles, but on President Wayne Palmer.

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