Monday, February 5, 2007

Cowardly Fox Pulled Go-Daddy Superbowl Ad in 2005

So I was thinking, in the aftermath of today's Go Daddy commercial on the CBS broadcast of the Superbowl, how the cowardly Fox pulled a hot Go-Daddy ad off its broadcast of the Superbowl, after one showing, in 2005.

Yeah, I know, Fox had the right to do this. Maybe Go Daddy had a civil case against Fox, but Fox certainly committed no crime there. The First Amendment does not protect us from tv networks acting childishly.

But what was Fox's problem? What were they so afraid of? That children watching the ad would have their future lives distorted? That someone who-knows-where would be offended? That the FCC would levy a fine?

There's no evidence of any kind that any child was ever upset or disturbed by an ad of this sort. As for FCC fines, it was a sad day indeed when the FCC unconstitutionally stuck its nose into what we can see and hear on television.

So what was Fox afraid of?

Frankly, the ad was only slightly more provocative than what we see with some of Fox's News anchors and reporters.

Would Fox have banned that ad today? Or the ad that CBS aired? I'd like to think not, but given all the aggravation that Go-Daddy had in the run-up to today's Superbowl even with CBS, I don't think we've progressed very far at all from 2005.

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