Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost: Lost

I hate to speak ill of the lost, but tonight's episode of Lost was one of the worst episodes of anything I've seen on television for a long time. It was worse than the most boring episodes that cropped up in Alias's long, slow decline. Tonight's episode of Lost was meaningless.

We were treated to another useless flashback - this one featuring Jack, who gets his tattoo. Other than Juliet getting "marked" at the end of the show, Jack's tattooing tonight had no connection to anything.

We confirmed that the Others live in some sort of quasi-suburban community, a boatride from their workplace. We already pretty much knew this.

Sawyer and Kate are tense because they slept together, at Kate's initiative, when Sawyer was, as he put it, "a dead man". Ok.

And now what?

I suppose I'll keep watching the show, but then again I may not. I've pretty much had it. I suppose there's still a flicker of a chance that the producers will blow some spark into a flame, but why are they taking so long to do it?

I almost feel as if I'm lost on an island somewhere, sentenced to keep watching a meaningless show, until I'm rescued--

Wait - I can rescue myself, and stop watching.

I'm afraid the show is lost. I'll guess I'll keep watching, but I don't enjoy writing scathing reviews, so I can't promise any more of these.

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