Thursday, February 1, 2007

Media Partially to Blame for Boston Terror Scare

It's certainly no laughing matter that bridges were closed and the public was frightened.

But who's most to blame?

Well, Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, sure, for creating the flashing performance art. And, yeah, the Cartoon Network and Turner for being the corporate force behind this. And let's not forget all the Boston officials, whose taking of all this all too seriously in the first place set the scare in motion.

But you know what? Where were the media? Why didn't reporters do their job and get on top of this, and report the flashing lights for what they really were?

Have we progressed not an iota since Orson Welles frightened our grandparents with his War of the Worlds broadcast in the 1930s?

I know, the stakes are higher now. Terrorism is far more real than a Martian invasion.

But that's all the more reason that media should try to do their job a little more diligently.

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