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Friday, February 2, 2007

Gore Nomination for Nobel Prize Poetic Justice

Good for Al Gore - and good for us - that his work in making the world aware of global warming got him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The naysayers can carp all they want about the smattering of unworthy nominees in the past. Nothing on this Earth, including the Nobel Peace Prize process, is perfect. But it is nonetheless one of the greatest honors and recognitions that humanity can bestow on its own. Those who gainsay Gore's selection on grounds that the Prize is not all that important would be thrilled beyond their wildest imaginings were they ever to be so nominated themselves.

Al Gore won the popular vote for President in the 2000 election. The Republican dominated Supreme Court unconstitutionally prevented a recount in Florida, thereby tainting the Electoral College process. Gore did not become President, and just look at what we got instead.

I would vote for Gore in a heartbeat were he to run again in 2008. A man of his scientific and philosophic perspective would bring a rare quality indeed to the White House - Plato's philosopher king, democratically elected and with term limits.

I have a feeling that's not likely to happen. In the meantime, Al Gore and everyone who voted for him, and everyone who appreciates his tireless efforts on behalf of this planet, can take satisfaction that the Nobel Committee saw fit to nominate Gore, along with Canadian environmentalist Sheila Watt-Cloutier. Not surprisingly, the Nobel Committee and the American people have much better judgement than the Republican justices on the Supreme Court.

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