Saturday, February 3, 2007

Student Sex in Shower: Not Prof's Business

An in the latest episode of academic theater of the absurd, you may have heard about a Yale prof who cautioned students in an e-mail not to engage in "intimate activity" in the showers...

Since when did professors get to have a say in what students do in their own time, outside of the classroom? Ok, this professor - one Jonathan Holloway - is "master" of one of Yale's residential colleges, but what does that mean? To the extent that such "masters" function as surrogate parents is one of the most provincial, antiquated aspects of student life. People go to college to get an education, not to be taught better manners.

Apparently a couple's going at it in the shower caused of flood (not of protest - of water), and this is what prompted the prof's e-mail. Here's a better solution to the flooding problem: Memo to Yale: get better drainage. It's not exactly rocket science.

And as for the public spectacle aspect this - other students who don't want to see couples in flagrante shower delicto: doesn't the steam on the glass take care of that?

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