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Monday, February 5, 2007

24 Season 6: hr 7: Jack's father

Continuing with my reviews of 24 Season 6 - as close as I can make it to within 24 minutes of the end of the episode ... [contains spoilers]...

Talk about dysfunctional families! Jack's father apologizes tonight for not giving Jack a better family - and indeed he should. Because it turns out that Jack's father is the evil brain behind brother Graem's assassination of David Palmer, and Michelle and Tony, last year, and whatever connection this accursed father-son team have to the suitcase nukes and the seething dangers of the current season. And just to seal the bargain on Phillip Bauer's - Jack's father's - consummate evil, he kills Graem at the end of tonight's episode to keep him from talking further. Graem hadn't quite passed muster. Under Jack's mounting torture, Graem had not spoken a word about his father. But he did reveal to Jack that he killed David Palmer and Michelle and Tony, as well as tried to kill Jack, too.

On the subject of torture, it's worth noting that in tonight's episode, the CTU team working under Jack refused to administer a likely lethal dose of drugs to Graem as Jack was insisting. So apparently 24 does not always glorify the use of torture. (I hope Keith Olbermann was watching...)

I was suspicious of Jack's father - he and Jack got the drop on the bad guys who were trying to kill them earlier in the show, a little too easily. There are clearly things about this family that we've yet to know.

Meanwhile, McCarthy getting Morris out of CTU to help Fayid trigger the remaining bombs was a nice piece of work. What will Fayid have over Morris to make him perform? Chloe at this point is still safe inside CTU - but as we know from past seasons, that's not exactly the safest place in the world...

Double episode, double adrenalin, next week...

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