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Friday, February 16, 2007

Gore and Obama

I received a Friend request the other day over on MySpace from "Gore and Obama" - a group in Washington, DC promoting the possibility of this Democratic ticket in the upcoming election.

I'm not yet sure whom I'll be voting for, but I pretty quicky said yes to the Friend request.

Here's why-

There are some things I don't like about Gore - mostly his wife's campaign (which he endorsed) against what she saw as music dangerous to "children" in the 1980s, and Al Gore's opposition to our space program - but he did win the popular vote in 2000, was the victim of the Supreme Court's intervention preventing a recount in Florida, and, most recently, had the cojones to make a movie - An Inconvenient Truth - about what he believes in (the dangers of global warming).

Lesser men and women would have crawled off under a rock somewhere after the 2000 cauldron. I give Gore credit for pushing the envelope and putting himself out there, eight years later. He showed real moxie making that movie. Also, right or wrong about the specific issue of global warming, I think it's crucial that we start thinking about our planet as a whole.

And what about Obama? I think we need fresh faces and voices. I'm certainly ready to listen to what he has to say. (Plus, he also has the cred of being smeared by Fox News in its wrong reporting of where and how Obama was schooled.)

So ... I'm not yet ready to vote for this ticket ... But I'm more than willing to have it as a MySpace friend...

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