Friday, September 14, 2007

Mad Men 9: Betty Grace Kelly

A superb Don and Betty Mad Men last night - one of the best of the series - with an important story that not only taught us more about their relationship but also showed us things about each, individually, that we didn't quite know before.

The catalyst is Don being offered a job by a McCann-Erickson exec, Jim Hobart. Don's tempted by access to a world bigger and more exciting than what he can get at Sterling Cooper. But Hobart, seeking any additional leverage he can get, offers Betty an assignment as a model.

Betty (January Jones) does look like Grace Kelly, and was a model before she married Don, so Hobart's offer certainly makes sense on the face of it. But, clearly, Hobart is hoping that Betty's good fortune at McCann-Erickson will be the icing on the cake for Don.

It proves to be just the opposite. Don, more complex, as always, that anyone around him realizes, abruptly ends the McCann courtship when Hobart sends him the first photos of Betty. She looks radiant. So why does this lead Don to say no to McCann?

Two possible reasons. One, maybe Don doesn't want Betty to have a career. He knows that if he doesn't go with McCann, Betty's modeling there will disappear, and that's exactly what happens. Two, maybe Don doesn't like being manipulated by Hobart in this way. I'm leaning towards Two, but reason One could have contributed, too...

Meanwhile ... we learn that Betty really loves getting back to modeling, and doing more than being a housewife. However happy she tells Don she is at the end, we now know, for sure, that she has a drive that goes beyond taking care of the kids and cooking great meals for Don.

And back at the office, a good Nixon-Kennedy discussion, Peggy's gaining a little weight ... which leads to another high round of male chauvinism from Harry-Asimov (Rich Sommer) and the guys, some delightfully rendered advice from Joan, and ... well, my wife has been saying almost since day one that Peggy got pregnant on that first night with Pete...

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