Monday, September 17, 2007

Californication Continues: 6

CalifornicationHey, a pretty satisfying episode (#6) of Californication on Showtime tonight. Maybe Hank finally got to be with Karen again...

He definitely gave her a deep, satisfying kiss. And then ... he wound up in the pool, and woke up the next morning in bed, being kissed by Karen-

But, Hank was only dreaming that Karen was kissing him. It was actually Mia who was kissing Hank awake in the morning. He pushes her off, and she cheerfully tells him she was only kissing him, not blowing-

But the real question is: what happened between Karen and Hank between Hank in the pool and Hank waking up in bed the next morning (dreaming of Karen when Mia was kissing him), and how much of it does he remember?

Karen certainly looked, at breakfast, as if something significant happened between them the night before. She's close to glowing. Possibly it was more emotional than physical, but she looked to me as if she was happy about something physical (but what do I know)...

Hank, for his part, probably doesn't remember, but he's hard to read, and in the coming attractions he does say something to Karen about following through this (next) time...

Tantalizingly ambiguous - though I'm thinking, as I said, that they did indeed have a great, drunk night together.

Meanwhile, speaking of next week, it looks as if Charlie and wife Marcy (Pamela Aldon, Lucky Louie's Kim, funny and attractive) are heading for a threesome with his spankable secretary Dani (Rachel Miner). Should be good - Dani and Marcy will be a good couple. (Marcy doesn't particularly like being Charlie's submissive slave, but Dani is a different matter.)

One of the best things about Californication is the supporting characters and situations are as hilarious and enjoyable as the primary people - which adds up to a consistently delightful half hour.

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