Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weeds 3 Ep 6: Ray of Hope

WeedsWell, there were actually two rays of hope for Nancy and her family on Weeds, Episode 6, on Showtime tonight:

One was Mary Kate Olsen, who's come on the show to play Silas's girlfriend. Of course, in classic Weeds cracked fashion, she's a fundamentalist. But her saving grace is she likes weed (natural - from God), has no problem with boners (at least, not Silas's - God's will), and is all for as much fun as they can have short of giving Silas her virginity. Definitely a nice ray of hope.

The other ray was a great, classic Weeds unexpected twist at the end: U-Turn is dead! Killed by Marvin - no dope at all, as we already knew - when U-Turn's blood pressure acts up after a steep climb, and Nancy goes off for help. Page Kennedy gave a fine performance on Weeds, and I'll miss his character and style.

But now Nancy is free - unless Marvin turns out to be a worse task master. Always possible, and it will fun to see how Fatso-Fasano, a fine comedic actor, plays Marvin in his evolving role.

But I'm guessing he and Nancy will get along pretty well, meaning Nancy will once more be close to the top, with Conrad and Heylia supplying the product-

Until something goes unexpectedly wrong - and I'm still thinking that Peter will show up, which would be unexpected right and wrong for Nancy...

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The Plot to Save Socrates

"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good book
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