Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Californication Continues: 7

CalifornicationI guess no one - not even Hank Moody - can have sex every minute of the day, or during most of every episode, and so last night's episode of Californication - #7 - was pretty quiet in comparison to other episodes.

Indeed, Weeds, on Showtime just prior to Californication, had a far hotter, funnier scene with Andy at a porno shoot.

As I mentioned in my review last week, the supporting team of Charlie and his two women - secretary and wife - seem to be getting more sex time than Hank. The three actually tried a menage-a-trois last night, with unsurprisingly unexceptional results. Marci (the wife) did remark that Dani (the secretary) had a "great ass," and there's no denying that.

Meanwhile, Hank and Karen do seem to be drawing a little closer, sexually and romantically - meaning, Karen is not resisting Hank quite as much as she was at the beginning of the season - and it will be interesting to see where this goes.

Here's my lame prediction: the two will sleep together at the end of this season, and ... Hank will realize that he really wants to be with the redhead, Meredith...

Not a spoiler, just a prediction, chances are I'm wrong ... but we'll see...

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