Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Californication Continues: 5

I'm laughing out loud - and notice, I spelled it out, because I don't want to be included in Hank's scathing criticism of LOL which is the formal title of tonight's Californication, Episode 5, on Showtime.

It's not only neo-language that's the target of Hank's laugh-making ire. It's the whole Internet. Hank notes that its much vaunted democratization didn't do any good for Howard Dean (I'd say check back in another year, and see what impact it has on the Ron Paul campaign - it's already having a lot), and is a porn dealer's dream (that part is true).

And Hank's denunciation of LOL even leads to his break-up with Meredith (Amy Price-Francis). She was the one to utter the phrase, in bed after a romp in the morning, and she takes umbrage about Hank going on about the deterioration of language on a radio interview, thinking that she's the target.

It does turn out, in the end, that Meredith is leaving for another reason - her long-time love is finally leaving his wife, perhaps due to Hank's shaking him up last week. But I'm unhappy with Meredith leaving for any reason - I think she's good for Hank, not to mention good to look at.

Well, not to worry - I have every confidence that Hank will come up with someone almost as good, next week.... But I predict we'll be seeing Meredith again...

Oh, and sorry to leave this for the tail-end, but tonight's episode had a good little scene with Charlie and his wife...

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