Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome Back Keith Olbermann

I'm just watching Keith Olbermann, back on MSNBC's Countdown, after several days of being down and out with appendicitis ... and I gotta say how good it is to see him back on his show.

I by no means agree with all of Keith's positions and remarks. I especially took issue with his caustic attack on 24 last year, and I think his attacks on Bill O'Reilly sometimes are over the top. (But see my next blog post about O'Reilly's site giving away "Please Don't Taze Me, Bro" bumper stickers - a new low, even for O'Reilly.)

But whatever Keith's flaws, he provides a unique and much-needed commentary. Not only because it generally comes from the left (which I don't always agree with, either), but because it is sharp, outrageous, colorful, funny.

Alison Stewart does a good job as Keith's regular substitute, but you can see Keith's special contribution right there. Alison's content is the same as Keith's, her delivery is fine, but I laugh, gasp, or get angry a small fraction of the time I do when watching Keith Olbermann.

Welcome back, Keith, and keep up the good, infuriating work.
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