Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ten Reasons Why I'm Looking Forward to the Return of Heroes on Monday

Counting up from 10 to 1 ...

10. I have no knowledge or evidence of this, but I have a feeling we're going to see some cross-pollination between Heroes and other TV series this year, and I always love that in a show. (There was some speculation/suggestion of this between Heroes and Lost last year - I'm thinking about something much more explicit.

9. I like the comic-book overlay. It's fun to see the comic-book narrative get its day in the TV sun.

8. I find the proliferation of heroes and powers refreshing - who says a television series has to continue to deal with the set of characters and powers it first came in with? Life evolves, so should a television series.

7. I like shows that surprise everyone with their initial success. Great things often come from them.

6. I like the blend of art and science in the series. Most narratives either rely on art or science - on the allure of images or the power of statistics and scientific research. Heroes does both, and very effectively.

5. I'm an unabashed New York City chauvinist, and enjoying seeing the city through Hiro's enthuasiasm.

4. I like Ali Larter.

3. Mr. Bennet (well played by Jack Coleman) is a really complex, compelling character. The only thing predictable about him is his love for Claire, and that has led him to switch allegiances, and do some pretty bad things. This kind of intensity and motivation in a character is rare for TV.

2. I like TV shows in which a major, important character can be killed off unexpectedly. Not that I like seeing good characters die, but an unexpected death can really keep you on the edge of your seat. Only one TV series that I can think of put its major characters in such continuing jeopardy - V, the series (not the mini-series). But Heroes does it much better. The heroes are in continuing jeopardy.

1. I love time travel stories - in novels, movies, and television - especially those that take the paradoxes of time travel seriously, as Heroes and Hiro certainly do. Heroes has the potential be among the best time-travel narratives ever told.

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