Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weeds 3 Eps 4-5: Prius and Gluteus

WeedsI've been so busy writing political stuff that I didn't get a chance to post my review of Weeds last week. But I've got my priorities straight now - at least, for the next few minutes - and so herewith a double-shot review of Weeds, Episodes 4 and 5.

They actually do go together in lots of ways - most of them really turning the screws up on Nancy in this ever darker but still very funny comedy. Silas is dealing, Nancy's driving the car - her Prius - as U-Turn gives shoot-em-up payback to the guys who shot Marvin in the gluteus maximus (his certainly maximus), and Nancy ends up with a big shipment of heroin tonight...

But speaking of Nancy's Prius, I was delighted to see her use her car for Bluetooth, wireless phone calls - I've been writing about the enjoyment I've been taking in my Prius Bluetooth connection for almost a year - and U-Turn pick up on that, too. He buys a whole fleet of Priuses for his crew. Sure, it was for the Bluetooth. But nothing wrong in combining a little blue with green. Too bad the Live Earth concert already took place - Al could have had U-Turn on as example of even drug dealers being environmentally helpful (hey, better that than U-Turn driving a gas guzzler).

Meanwhile, Andy's gotten out of his army service - but at a terrible price. His gung-ho buddy is killed by some kind of new weapon, and the military wants to keep this quiet, so Andy's ushered out.

There was also another aspect of this ... Suffice to say that ass seems to be playing a large role on Weeds this year ... and come to think of it, there was something about that in Californication tonight, too...

Anyway ... apologies again for falling behind with my reviews of Weeds ... I'll be better from now on...

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