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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hannity & Colmes Denigrate Ron Paul's First Place in FOX News Post-Debate Poll

So now Fox News' - via Hannity and Colmes - joins ABC News in denigrating the results of its own post-debate polls. As of about 30 minutes ago, Ron Paul was in first place with 33% percent of respondents who said he won tonight's Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire, broadcast on Fox News, with Rudy Giuliani in second place with 16% (in the final results, Mike Huckabee moved into second place, with 18% of respondents who said he won).

Commented Hannity and Colmes on Ron Paul's victory in the Fox News poll: Ron Paul supporters were busy dialing in multiple times.

Interestingly, Ron Paul's exchange with Mike Hucbabee was the most replayed segment of the debate, was indeed its high point. Ron Paul went after Huckabee's - and all the other Republicans' - position that everyone should get behind the US war effort in Iraq. We have no valid business being there, Ron Paul emphasized, fighting in a war that was started on the basis on false information, and in defiance of our Constitution.

How is it that Hannity and Colmes, who agree on so little else, can be so quick to discount the possibility that maybe Ron Paul's first-place showing is an expression of how tired Americans are of this wrong war? And trot out the tired "multiple" dialing herring, with no cited evidence whatsoever?

The answer, I think, is that whatever Hannity and Colmes' differences of opinion, that are representatives of the same arrogant, old-line media thinking that afflicts ABC News. Hannity and Colmes owe America an apology.

Just this afternoon, I distributed my syllabus to my Intro to Communication and Media Studies class at Fordham University. September 28 will be the day I'll deliver my special lecture on the mainstream media's misreporting of Ron Paul.


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