Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Analects and Predictions

Just bopping in here with a few observations and predictions about tonight's Prime Time Emmy Awards ...

The very first Emmy, given back in 1949, was given to a ventriloquist - there has to be some significance in that.

Al Gore's up for an award for his Current TV cable and internet venture. Would be great if he announced he was running for President, but I predict he won't (make the announcement tonight, that is).

The Sopranos
is deservedly nominated in a huge number of categories. The only real question, then, is in which category or categories it will lose. I'm predicting Michael Imperioli will not win Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for playing Christopher Moltisanti (though he did a superb job). The winner will be: Masi Oka for playing Hiro Nakamura on Heroes!

Ugly Betty
will win for Best Comedy Series, but Mary-Louise Parker will win for playing Nancy Botwin on Weeds.

And last prediction for this morning: look for Colbert to win Outstanding Music, Variety, or Comedy series...

See you later tonight ...
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