Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weeds 3 Ep 12: Nancy and Conrad!

WeedsWith not that many episodes left in this feisty third season of Weeds on Showtime, it was good to see Nancy and Conrad doing just what they should be doing on this past Monday's show.

Nancy has progressed from not being over her deceased husband in the first season, to not being completely comfortable with having sex with her secret narc-agent husband Peter in the second season, to having lots of sex on this third season - mostly with Matthew Modine's Sullivan Groff.

She seemed to have enjoyed this - at least, in the physical sense, with Sullivan - but certainly without any real, deeper passion.

Conrad's another story completely. They've been attracted to each other, almost from the beginning, and no doubt even love each other. Circumstances and bad luck of one sort of another have kept them apart. But Episode 12 brought them together for one of the best endings of an episode in the three-year series (or perhaps, happiest ending would be a better way of putting this - the other endings are all excellent, just kicks in the solar plexus, rather than occasions for applause).

But, being the suspicious sort that I am, I'm hoping what we saw on Monday isn't a setup for something bad to happen to Conrad and Nancy in the remaining episodes this year...

In this new, fast, hot, dangerous world of Showtime television, happy endings can be very short lived...

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