Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in Second Life Next Sunday - Public Reading of The Plot to Save Socrates

Back by popular demand - I'll be reading from a section of my novel, The Plot to Save Socrates, never before heard in public...

You can hear and see this on your computer, just by connecting to Second Life.

The time of the reading - 3-4pm - is EASTERN TIME, this coming Sunday, Feb 24

If you already have a Second Life account, just send me a note (or leave a comment right here), befriend me on Second Life (if we're not already friends), and I'll reply with a "landmark" which will bring you right to the reading.

If you do not have a Second Life account, you can easily get one, for free, at - once you get an account, just let me know here or on Second Life.

This reading will not be recorded. If you can't attend, the only way you will be able hear this section is in The Plot to Save Socrates audiobook

And, of course, you can read it in the paperback novel

But here are some Plot to Save Socrates goodies that are FREE:

- read the first chapter online!

- listen to me reading the first chapter!

- Red Moon author David S. Michaels reacts to a reading from the first chapter of The Plot to Save Socrates that I gave last week on Aaron Busch's new Primetime and Online webcast

- Sierra Waters - heroine of the novel - is twice introduced

- more review blurbs than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means) ... my favorites are "challenging fun" (Entertainment Weekly) and "Sierra Waters in sexy as hell" (Curled Up with a Good Book)

And here's a videoclip from a reading I did in December in Second Life...
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