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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Wire Season 5 Episode 7: King of Diamonds

"Ain't you the King of Diamonds," Bunk sarcastically remarks to McNulty, as McNulty hands out resources to a revitalized Baltimore police - revitalized because McNulty's charade about a serial killer of homeless people has galvanized everyone from the Mayor on down. No "weak shit" this, as Bunk termed this a just a week or two ago.

McNulty started off the show with a great performance as the putative serial killer, putting in a new call to Scott Templeton, his contact at the Baltimore Sun - a conspirator in his own sham on the same serial killer, which McNulty is taking good advantage of. Freamon compliments McNulty on his fine Baltimore accent in the phone call. The comment is especially and meta-well deserved: Dominic West's accent from the east, old side of the Atlantic is so strong that I can sometimes barely understand the actor when he speaks as himself. McNulty's accent in The Wire is just another part of West's tour de force performance.

But McNulty may be getting more than he bargained for. His self-created "red ball" may be drawing so much attention that it could conceivably backfire and land McNulty and Freamon both in hot water, or worse.

Back at the Baltimore Sun, McNulty's priming of the pump with the phone call is having just the effect desired. But Gus is growing increasingly suspicious of Scott. I'd say it's just a matter of time until Gus figures out what's really going on, and/or Scott cracks.

Meanwhile, there's a priceless scene in a bar with Richard Belzer - Munch - in evidence! Gus walks right by him, and I would have loved to see him break character for an instant and say hello as old Meldrick to Munch! But it was almost as much fun to almost see that.

Lots of other good things in this episode, including Omar on the hunt. He kills one of Marlo's muscle, and lets Michael know he did it - all to get Marlo to come on down and fight him...

And State Senator Clay Davis (finely played by Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) won his case! Shee...eet! I know he's corrupt, but I was glad. (Right, I sometimes root for the bad guys...)

Only a few more episodes left ... a superb, finale season!

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dawn said...

Damn good episode, loved the munch thing, even the owned a bar once comment. I also liked the comment from the reporter to Gus about explaining of the trail someday. Omar's stil the man and can't wait for the next episode

Paul Levinson said...

I couldn't resist seeing the next episode On Demand (story of my life...) ...