Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost 4.2 Five Flashbacks and Three Rational Explanations

Lost is firing on all cylinders this new season, with two great episodes in a row.

Tonight we learned a lot of what's up with the rescue team that Naomi called in:

Four people on the team - and, as Naomi puts it her flashback (5) -

Daniel Faraday ... a headcase ... that is, a nut, a somewhat psycho ... maybe with an ability to sense the future, because he senses something about Oceanic 815, when he hears the false report, which he doesn't know is false, about the plane being found with no survivors... (flashback 1)

Miles Straume ... a ghost-hunter ... (flashback 2)

Charlotte Lewis ... an anthropologist, who discovers the bones of a polar bear in the Tunisian desert ... with a Dharma tag ... ah ha! ... (flashback 3, and rational explanation #1: so now we know how the polar got to be on the island ... likely a Dharma experiment in breeding or genetic engineering, to make polar bears that can live in warm climates... )

Frank Lapidus ... a drunk, in Naomi's words, but also a pilot, as Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick, again!) says to Naomi, and we already know ... (flashback 4)

So, Lost is back to flashbacks in this episode - but they are shorter, and multiple - and my guess we'll see flashbacks this season only for the new characters ... with flashforwards for the old hands...

Speaking of which, we get rational explanation #2 when Locke reveals that he survived Ben's shot because it passed right through Locke, and missed the kidney that he did not have (presumably Ben deliberately aimed the shot there). But this raises the possibility that perhaps there is a rational explanation for all the recuperations ... Mikhail already gave one for his surviving the electrical jolt - maybe there is also a some rational, not supernatural, explanation for his survival on the Looking Glass last year...

Because, just to top things off, Ben shoots Charlotte point blank ... but she survives, unhurt, because she is wearing a bullet-proof vest (rational explanation #3).

And why would Ben shoot her?

Because he knows that her team came to the island to get him ...

And what is the team's connection to the false report about Oceanic 815 going down into the ocean with everyone on board lost ...

Grist for the mills of future episodes, which I can wait to see.

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