Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney, Cylon, Withdraws from Race

Mitt Romney has just withdrawn from the Presidential race. In a speech just delivered to the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington, D.C., Romney said he "must now stand aside".

It was about as Neanderthal and ugly a speech as you ever heard from a Republican, or anyone. Romney ranted about the sanctity of marriage, and the need to uphold our "culture," as if such matters were ever the business of government in a free society.

The lowest part of Romney's speech came when he painted the positions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as a "surrender to terror".

Typical Republican lies. Obama and Clinton want not to surrender to terror, but fight terror more effectively and intelligently, in a way that does not bog down our military in a war that was based on grossly false information in the first place. Obama saw that from the very beginning, but Clinton and Obama are united in seeing that now, in contrast to Republicans who can do nothing better than beat their chests and drums for more of the flawed same.

I have jokingly put up several posts in the past eight months about Mitt Romney being a Cylon - his flip-flopping on issues, his wooden delivery, etc.

But Romney's withdrawal speech today was no joking matter. It should be a wake up call for every American who wants to live in the 21st not the 19th or some past Cylon century.

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