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Friday, February 1, 2008

1. Lost's Back Full Paradoxical Blast: Season 4 Episode 1

The premier of Lost Season 4 earlier tonight picked up on the island right where the stunningly spectacular finale of Season 3 left off - which means this season opener was extraordinary, too. Not only that, but we were treated to another flashforward, taking place a little earlier in time than the flashforward in the Season 3 finale - but forward enough in time to have Jack well off the island (but not doing well), and Hurley off the island, and not doing well at all.

There's an "Oceanic Six" that Hurley talks about. We know that Jack and Kate and now Hurley got off the island. So, the first new tantalizing question that arises this season is: who are the other three?

Hurley is tormented off the island. He gets a visit from Charlie - who admits that he's dead - but tells Hurley "they need you". The "they" presumably are the people back on island...

A powerful scene, which also had a nice play on the classic Samuel Johnson anecdote about how to disprove that the world isn't yours or someone else's dream. Johnson kicks a stone, winces, and says you dispove it thusly.

Hurley wants Charlie to prove that he's not a figment of Hurley's imagination, and Charlie proves this by slapping Hurley. Of course, just as with Samuel Johnson, all this proves is that the dream entails a kick or a slap. In Lost, dreams come packed with punches.

But Hurley's now convinced that he has to go back to the island. He later tells this to Jack, who is saying they cannot. Hurley is to Jack in this episode, as Jack was to Kate in the Season 3 finale.

Meanwhile, the action back on the island is captivating, too. The Losties split along how seriously to take Charlie's warning from the Looking Glass. Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Hurley - as well as Ben and Rousseau (and Alex and Karl) - elect to stay on the island, and keep away from and if necessary fight the people that Jack has called in for the rescue. Jack, Kate, Rose, Bernard are waiting and wanting to get rescued.

And, as we know, something will go terribly wrong.

Whatever that is can be barely if all be seen now. Because it results in Jack and Hurley off the island, even though at the end of this first episode of the new season it looks as if Hurley is staying.

A great beginning of an ending...

PS - Nice unexpected touch with Lance Riddick - who plays Cedric Daniels on The Wire - putting in what I hope will be a continuing appearance on Lost.

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dawn said...

okay my friend , here we go -
This was a great episode, we know there are 6 and I can't wait to find out the 3 but did you catch the line from hurly to jack about "I should have stayed with you" whats that about? Also I think it must be Locke in the coffin only because it would make sense that no one came. The whole cabin scene was freaky to , I think Hurly caught a glimpse of Jacob in the chair and locke was there also. I'll have to check out sights to see easter eggs.I wanted to write to you first. So lets here some theory's

Anonymous said...

The rest 3 of the Oceanic Six are already known if you read the spoilers online. I won't reveal them here, but the information is easily found online.

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks, Eugenia.

For what it's worth, I don't necessarily believe spoilers - there was a huge amount of nonsense out there in spoilers about The Sopranos, for example.

But I make a point of never looking at them, anyway - it's more fun to predict, and see if you're right ... :)

Dawn - I put up another post here yesterday, and I'm going to put up another post on Lost right now ... see what you think .... :)