Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost 4.4: Kate and...

Breathtaking, heartbreak in progress, tender, superb episode 4 of season 4 of Lost tonight...

Kate's episode ... We learned why she was not in prison when we last saw her in the future in the finale of Season 3 ... We learned that Jack loved her after they got off the island, and she loved Jack, but ... what was waiting for her at the end of Season 3 - "he" - is keeping Jack from going to her.

But why? He is a little boy, maybe about three or four, and his name is Aaron. Claire's baby.

What happened to Claire? Is she still on the island, involuntarily separated from her baby ... or she is one of the "eight" who survived the crash, but didn't survive getting back into the world at large? (We learn more about the cover story - eight are said to have survived the crash, but only six are alive in this future - the Oceanic Six.)

Back on the island in the time before anyone other than Michael left, with Desmond and Sayid's helicopter now missing, we see Locke becoming more like Ben, giving Kate perhaps more reason to hate him, to not want to go to his funeral, if he is the one in coffin in the Season 3 finale... But I'm still thinking it's most likely Ben.

And a great scene with Sawyer and Kate. They have something, no doubt, but it's not as deep as with Jack.

A great show tonight, with every ticking minute.

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