Friday, February 22, 2008

Further Questions about Lost 4.4: Jack and Aaron, Kate and Sawyer

Some further thoughts on last night's heart-wrenching, powerhouse episode of Lost:

1. Jack and Aaron. I'm still thinking about what it could be about Aaron that keeps Jack from going back with Kate to her home, after she invites him. He clearly loves her deeply. If Aaron were Sawyer's baby, then, ok, perhaps he wouldn't want the pain of coming into Kate's home - but even that is not really convincing. And if Aaron is indeed Claire's baby ...

What could have happened with Claire and Jack and Aaron that would cause Jack to have that reaction? If Jack had been responsible for Claire's death, or leaving her on island, why would that keep him from getting together with Kate and Claire's baby?

I guess we won't be able to answer these questions until we know, for sure, that the Aaron at the end of last night's show was Claire's baby Aaron on the island, just a few years later.

And my wife makes an interesting point: since Jack and Claire are half-siblings - they both have the same father (another one of Lost's fascinating, inexplicable coincidences - which I've been saying may hold the key to understanding what's really going on in Lost) - Jack would be Aaron's half-uncle...

Does Jack in the future know this? Probably not...

2. Kate and Sawyer. I'm not completely clear about what happened during the night and morning they spent together. We see them kissing, passionately, in bed, with not much in the way of clothes on. We see them wake up, Kate cuddly and seductive, together in bed the next morning. But Kate doesn't want to sleep with Sawyer then, and Sawyer says they didn't sleep together the night before, and says he understands because she's still worried that she might be pregnant.

But why would being pregnant make Kate not want to sleep with Sawyer - especially if the baby was Sawyer's? Not to get too clinical about this, but couples continue to sleep together in the early and even middle months of pregnancy, as just about everyone knows...

Kate quickly says that she's not pregnant, Sawyer's delighted, and Kate leaves (presumably in part because she's not delighted, and not delighted that Sawyer's delighted).

But her motives for all of this are still not clear. Sawyer's explanation that Kate was upset about the possibility of being pregnant could be extended, I suppose, to Kate not wanting to get pregnant, by sleeping with Sawyer ... But this still doesn't explain what was going on in Kate's head.

I guess the best we can say is Kate came to Sawyer, but loves Jack more, and that made her not want to sleep with Sawyer, even though kissing and cuddling were ok. Sawyer, not fully comprehending the depth of Kate's feeling for Jack, doesn't quite get this, and struggles to come up with an explanation. As are we.

The truth of Kate's feelings for Jack will, of course, play a crucial role in the continuing story of Lost, on and off island...

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