Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Sweeps Chesapeake Primaries: The New American Majority

Barack Obama swept the Chesapeake primaries tonight - you can call them the Potomac primaries, too, but I like rhyme a little better than alliteration. But any way you call it, Obama won three for three, by impressive margins, and topped it off with a great speech in Madison, Wisconsin, where there will be a primary next week.

Obama spoke of the "new American majority," consisting not only of all manner of Democrats, but Obamacans - Barackafeller Republicans - or, Republicans who have been moved by Obama's message. Bringing in even a small percentage of people who voted Republican in 2004 will be enough to get Obama into the White House. He seems to be starting to do a very good job of that.

In addition to his inspiring delivery, Obama had some great phrases in his speech tonight. My favorite was "cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom". Obama's speech writer is clearly in a league Ted Sorenson, JFK's superb speech writer.

And the Republicans?

John "Palpatine" McCain won all three primaries, too. In his acceptance speech, he took Obama to task, without mentioning his name. Hope is a "platitude," McCain said.

Enough said...

And here is Ted Sorensen himself on JFK and Barack Obama...

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