Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 7

Episode 7 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox tonight was mostly about the education of FBI agent James Ellison - well played by Richard T. Jones. He started the evening in possession of a Terminator hand and some doubts and suspicions. He ended being rescued by Sarah from a blaze - a blaze set by Sarah's psychiatrist from the mental institution in which she had been held in the 1990s. The psychiatrist - also well played by the perennial Bruce Davison - didn't believe her then. But he believes it now. So much that he doesn't trust Ellison with the hand, and wants to kill him and take the hand himself.

But, he doesn't lend himself a hand at all - sorry - because Sarah frees Ellison, who puts the psych in a mental institution in a nice nasty bit of poetic justice. And Sarah takes the Terminator hand and destroys it.

So where does that leave us? Ellison could think the shrink was just crazy all along, including when he was raving about the attack from the future. But a part of him was suspicious already....

It may hinge on how much of his ordeal will he remember. In a scene near the end, he seems to be conscious when Sarah rescues him. Will this make him Sarah's ally? Will he buy her explanation about what happened to the hand? Will Sarah tell him?

I'm sorry that the two-hour finale is coming up next week, though it looks to be good and I'll certainly be watching it. But there's a lot more that could be developed in these intriguing chronicles ... including John's relationship with his uncle, which is just getting started, and, of course, the ultimate loyalties of Cameron...

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