Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Wire Season 5 Episode 6: Superman Omar and Tall Stories

Omar lives!

-After leaping out of a window a lot of stories high ... Omar survives with just a badly hurt leg ... and then after wincing in pain even becomes fairly mobile again, and metes out some more damage to his enemies.

That's a pretty tall story - leaping from a many-storied window and walking away from it. Marlo looks up at that window, and can't believe it.

I've got to say I'm with Marlo. But maybe there's more to this story yet to be revealed, more to the story of surviving a jump from so many stories than meets the eye... (Not that I mind seeing more of Michael K. Williams' fine performance as Omar.)

I gotta say, too, that I'm liking Marlo more, even though I wasn't thrilled to see what he did to Prop Joe. But it's good to see him stand up to the combine, and entirely consistent that he has no patience with sitting around a table and talking. And if some of those people have figured out what Marlo did to Prop Joe - well ... the stakes are getting more dangerous for Marlo all around. He now has Omar as well as possibly some of Prop Joe's combine people against him. Not to mention McNulty and Freamon...

But, I don't know, I think Marlo will make it (unless Chris turns against him).

Meanwhile, there are limits to how far even McNulty is willing to go to buttress his serial killer creation. He relocates a derelict to further his plan, but he's not happy about it. But Freamon may be starting to put it all together...

The stakes are getting higher on all sides...

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