Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Wire Season 5 Episode 8: Two Down

Omar's dead.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, and all of that.

I have to admit that, although I first felt really bad about Omar getting killed, I felt a little less bad when I recalled that Omar killed Stringer, still my favorite all-time character on The Wire, played to the hilt by Idris Elba.

It took two grown men, two fiercesome, stone killers, to kill Stringer - Omar and Brother Mouzone.

It took just a boy to kill Omar. A boy with a gun. Says something about the power of a gun, doesn't it.

The scene, and what happened after, was so powerful, it's hard to talk about anything else in this brilliant episode.

But there were some good developments. Dukie - well played by Jermaine Crawford - is getting an honest job. He's helping a trashman. The antithesis of glamorous, but it's filled with hope, because it's honest. And speaking of honesty, Gus is beginning to get the better of Scott on his dishonesty at the paper - and that's heartening, too.

Just two episodes left. McNulty had to tell Kima about his big charade, and she doesn't want to play, but that's not what I'm really worried about.

When Prop Joe was killed - see my review of Episode 4. One Down - I said I was concerned that maybe the three "prequels" were dedicated to major characters who wouldn't survive this season. Prop Joe was in the first prequel. Omar in the second.

And the third prequel features two characters - Bunk and McNulty.

I hope I'm wrong. It's just a wild idea, I have no spoiler evidence or anything. But I'm a little worried...

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