Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost 4 and 8: A Special, Jumbo Podcast

Enjoy Lost?

How could you not? It's easily one of the best shows ever on television. The first season took the world by magnetic storm. The finale of the third season is still being talked about. And most people, including me, think the fourth season - which just concluded its first part, consisting of eight episodes - is at least as good as the first season, and, in my opinion, in some respects even better.

I've been reviewing every episode on my weekly Levinson news clips podcast.

I've compiled them all into a special 68-minute jumbo episode of my Light On Light Through podcast. Plus, I've added a little special commentary at the end.

If you like Lost - or just want to know what all the sensation is about - sit back, kick back, and enjoy the podcast below...

And, hey, if you have a car that's Bluetooth enabled - like my Prius - just call the following number, and you can hear this entire podcast on your car radio ... 415-223-4122 ... Enjoy...

special 60-minute jumbo podcast reviewing first 8 episodes of Season 4
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