Friday, March 21, 2008

More About Lost Season 4: (i) Baby Aaron and the Oceanic Six

I've been debating about whether to write about what the coming attractions at the end of Episode 8 of Lost revealed last night - mainly because I don't like coming attractions settling debates that are going on among fans. Such debates are, after all, one of the joys of watching and loving a television show these days, when you can discuss your interpretations with other fans. Lost, from its very beginning, was always intertwined with the Web.

But the coming attractions were so unmistakable on one crucial point that they cannot be ignored. The voice-over says the Oceanic Six have been revealed, and we see pictures of Jack, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, Aaron, and Kate. I was hoping that maybe there was a quick shot of Michael, or Sawyer, just before or after - but that just isn't there. The only conclusion we can come to, unless the coming attractions were deliberately lying to us, is that Aaron is one of the Oceanic Six.

I've always loved babies - being a beaming father, as well as uncle - but I've got to say that I don't like Aaron being among the Oceanic Six. Yes, we've learned that the whole Oceanic Six story is a lie - this was clear at Kate's trial - but weaving Aaron into it just doesn't add up. Is part of the lie that Claire gave birth to him on the plane? I guess that could work, since Aaron would at that point have become a passenger - not on the manifest, but still a passenger - but if Aaron is said to have been born on the island, then he was in no legal sense a passenger on the plane. True, Aaron would have survived the crash, and I guess that would give some logic to his inclusion in the Oceanic Six.

We do know that Aaron is the reason that Jack can't get together with Kate. And we've yet to see under what circumstances the Oceanic Six leave the island. Depending upon how those issues are resolved, Aaron's inclusion in the Oceanic Six would make a bit more sense than it does now.

Until then, count me as skeptical and not happy about Aaron being the sixth - and coming attraction producers on ABC - next time keep your traps shut ... :)

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