Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lost 4.6: The True Nature of Ben

Although the primary character in tonight's episode 4.6 of Lost was Juliet, the person we really learn most about is ... Ben.

Ever since Ben was introduced to Lost in Season 2, his goodness and badness - his truest motives - have been in doubt. For the most part, he has seemed no good. He gassed all the Dharma people to death, and killed his father - who may have been a lousy, uncaring, brutal father - but, even so, young Ben killed him pretty coldly. And if Ben hasn't since then outrightly murdered too many other people, he has certainly all too often goaded and played games with their minds, to his benefit and their detriment.

Just a few weeks ago, in the powerful Sayid episode, we see Ben at the end perhaps standing up to and coordinating the fight against the real bad guys. Perhaps.

And tonight, although all uncertainties are by no means cleared up, we see Ben being pretty despicable.

Jealous of Juliet's love for Goodwin, Ben assigns him to infiltrate the Tailees after the crash, knowing the danger that posed to Goodwin. And, after Ana Lucia kills Goodwin, and Juliet asks Ben why he put Goodwin in such danger, Ben responds to Juliet that she belongs to Ben.

But that's in the past, and by no means the worst of Ben we see tonight. Because it seems that someone wants poison gas to be released all over the island. Dan and Charlotte rush to the facility - we think, at first, to release the gas. That's what we think, because Goodwin's wife comes to Juliet (in the present, on the island) and tells her Ben needs her to kill Dan and Charlotte before they release the gas.

But when Juliet gets to the facility, both swear they are trying to stop the gas from being released, not release it, and the equipment indeed seems about to release gas. Should we trust those two, especially after Charlotte has knocked Kate out cold with the back of a gun a little earlier in the jungle?

Well ... turns out we can. Because Dan completes his work, and no poison gas is released.

And just to make matters worse, Locke has released Ben back at the barracks, because Ben has revealed to Locke the identity of Ben's man on the boat. (We don't find this out. But it has to be either Michael, or a much older Walt.)

So ... Ben looks much more evil than he has in a while....

Assuming, of course, that the whole gas contraption wasn't some sort of ruse...

Gotta love this show.

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