Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost 4.8: Michael and Alex

Episode 8 of this Season of Lost - the final episode of this first part of the 4th Season - was mostly about Michael. But I think the most important part may have been about Alex.

First, Michael - his story was told superbly in this episode, in a flashback that goes back not to before the crash of 815, but to the time after Ben sets Michael and Walt free from the island. When we first see this flashback, it's not entirely clear that it isn't a flashforward, to the time after the Oceanic Six have left the island. Michael - like Jack - is despondent, and tries to take his own life. Like Jack, he doesn't succeed.

Tom appears and explains to Michael just why he couldn't commit suicide. But, first, Tom's very appearance tells us this is a flashback to after Michael first left the island, not an Oceanic Six flashforward. Because, as we saw at the end of Season 3, Tom will return to the island and be killed by Sawyer when Hurley prevents the execution of Sawyer, Sayid, and Bernard by The Others who are exceeding Ben's command ... (one of my all-time favorite scenes in Lost).

But, back in Michael's flashback, Tom, not yet killed by Sawyer, tells Michael that the island won't let Michael die. Michael already tried to kill himself by crashing his car into a barrier. He survived that, and after his meeting with Tom, Michael finds he can't kill himself with a bullet to the head, either. By why not? What's the island's "game" in this?

Not clear. Except, ironically, it didn't work for Tom back on the island at the end of Season 3. And, in that same finale, it apparently did prevent Jack from jumping off the bridge in his flashforward.

Fascinating, and important - because it may also tie into the recuperative powers of the island on Locke, maybe Rose, etc. It was one of the two most important parts of Michael's story, tonight (which had some great acoustic markers, with sounds on the ship reminiscent of sounds in the hatch, and Mama Cass singing another great song).

The other part of Michael's story ties into the second branch of Episode 8 - Michael's relationship with Ben, who has a crucial conversation with Michael in which Ben reminds Michael that Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby on his own, not under Ben's orders...

This is important, because it gets, again, to Ben's true nature - how truly evil is Ben?

Seemingly good, back on the island in the present, when Ben pleads with Alex to flee to the Temple, so she is nowhere near him when Widmore's people come after him. Alex reluctantly goes, along with her boyfriend, Karl, and her mother, Rousseau.

As the three get close to the Temple, an unseen sniper kills Alex's boyfriend. Rousseau soon dies...

Only Alex survives. (Presumably, because we of course can never be sure with this island.)

Were the bullets fired by Ben's enemies? That's the obvious conclusion.

But I'm wondering if Ben wasn't behind this, wanting to get Karl and Rousseau totally out of the way, so he can be Alex's father again with no interference, which is the way things were before the end of Season 3.

That would make Ben a pretty evil person. Yeah, I'm thinking that's just what Ben is.

And I'll be back here, with egg on my face for any wrong predictions, and smirks for what if anything I get right, at the end of April, for Part II of the spectacular season of Lost.

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