Saturday, March 22, 2008

More About Lost Season 4: (ii) Michael and Ben, Good and Evil, Alias Echo

I've been thinking Michael's unswerving drive to kill himself in Episode 8 - whether by car, gun, or bomb - and I think it's based on more than just Walt's rejection of Michael, after Michael tells Walt about Michael's murder of Ana Lucia and Libby.

I think Michael's commitment to end his life shows us that he is a fundamentally good person. Even if Walt had accepted him, Michael would have found it difficult to live with himself. He is not a killer. He shot Ana Lucia because he didn't want any witness to his freeing Ben - a witness that could have interfered with Michael's reunion with Walt. That murder was certainly not admirable, but it was based on love (for his son), not hate or greed. And Michael's shooting of Libby was an unthinking reflex - ignited when Libby surprised him.

That being the case, I'm thinking Michael may be on a course to some kind of redemption.

Ben is another story. He reminds me of Sloan in Alias - J. J. Abrams' other great production. Sloan was a genius - not only in intelligence, but in walking a razor thin line between good and evil, to the point that the audience couldn't tell, and wouldn't find out until the very last episodes, that Sloan was evil.

I'm guessing this is precisely the trajectory we'll be treated to with Ben. He keeps saying he is one of the good guys, and we do see him seem to do some good ... as Tom did in "helping" Michael. But there always seems to be a deeper motive with Ben, which is not so good.

In the end, it may be Widmore who is the better man.

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