Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost 4.7: Flash Both Ways

A beautiful, bittersweet episode of Lost tonight, featuring Sun in a flashforward, about seven months into the future, giving birth to her baby. She is definitely one of the Oceanic Six.

Jin is rushing to the hospital with a big stuffed panda bear baby present. Sun calls out for him in the delivery room...

But Jin is not among the Oceanic Six. What we're seeing here is not Sun and Jin in the same flashforward. Not Jin in a flashforward at all. Jin's in a flashback, from before he and Sun wound up on the island, and the stuffed panda he is bringing is a present from his boss to the ambassador, whose wife is having a baby.

This flashback mimicking a flashforward is deftly done - Jin pays a lot of money for the stuffed panda he brings to the hospital, and we think Jin has this money because he's one of the Oceanic Six. But it's his boss's money he's waving around...

Jin never got off the island. Sun, accompanied by Hurley, takes her newborn baby to Jin's gravesite. The date of the death on the tombstone is 22 September 2004. But this isn't true either. Jin of course is alive later than that - we know this is true, and of course that's when Jin fathered Sun's baby. So the date of death is a lie - likely Jin is one of the people that Kate couldn't save, in the lie Jack told about their time on the island at Kate's trial.

But Jin's death is likely not a lie. Though, perhaps, just perhaps, Jin lives on the island, if the island's recuperative powers work their magic on whatever the injury that killed him.

The island, as we know, is not only a powerful restorative for some people, but is a powerful adhesive that keeps its inhabitants close at hand. It certainly kept Michael nearby - or, any rate, Ben did, for we find out tonight that Ben's agent on the boat is Michael - which was the obvious choice (especially since Harold Perrineau's name has been in the credits from the beginning of this season).

And the big question now is: who is the last of the Oceanic Six? Not Jin, not Claire (since Kate is now Aaron's mother) ... not likely Locke, who of all the original Losties is the most attached to the island...

I'll say it's Sawyer...

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