Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Robert Heinlein and Barack Obama: The Meaning of Voting

Jason Rennie interviews me on his SciPhi Show about Robert Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers (also made into a fine movie), and how its concept of "The Franchise" - that only people with military or other "Federal" service should have the right to vote - would work in American democracy today ...

Although I admire the social daring of Heinlein's insertion of such a radical concept into a science fiction novel, I strongly disagree with it. In this interview, I outline the progress that America has made in giving greater segments of our population the vote - the middle class in Andrew Jackson's time, African-Americans after the Civil War, and women in the Suffraget movement that did not succeed until after the First World War - and I urge that people far younger than 18 get the vote now.

I conclude by citing the success of Barack Obama thus far as an indication of what an open, inclusive voting system can accomplish...

Jason Rennie interviews Paul Levinson on The SciPhi Show

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