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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al Gore: The Two Lines of History Converge

Al Gore won the Presidency in 2000. He certainly won the popular vote, and likely would have won the electoral college vote, too, had the Republican dominated Supreme Court not stepped in - unconstitutionally - and stopped the recount in Florida.

A lesser man might have given up public service in the face of such public abuse. But Al Gore became a citizen of the world, championing an issue upon which the future of this planet depends. He never became President, but he galvanized a planet and won the Nobel Prize.

And tonight he spoke at Mile High Stadium at the Democratic Convention on behalf of Barack Obama. Talk about appealing to our better angels - no one could spoken more eloquently of the need not only of country but our globe for an American President not beholding to oil companies and the ways of the past. As Gore aptly pointed out, the same progressive policy that would free us from dependence on oil would not only help the climate but our economy and national security as well.

Had Al Gore been allowed to become President eight years ago, he might well have been on this same stage tonight, endorsing Barack Obama as his successor.

The two lines of history - Al Gore as rightful President, Al Gore not in office and eight years of Bush-Cheney - converged tonight in Denver. The result will be the same - Barack Obama as the next President. History is at last correcting itself.

And I'll be back later after Obama's acceptance speech.

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