Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nancy Has Limits: Weeds 4.9

Well, we've finally come upon one of Nancy's limits - in the excellent 4.9 of Weeds.

Shane's been masturbating to those full frontal nudity pix of Nancy that Judah took of her years ago. That's too much even for Uncle Andy, who has had a good time with this picture over the years himself. Andy tells Nancy, who is also trying to deal with Silas' hot affair with MILF Lisa (played by Lost's Sarah - Julie Bowen). Nancy finally sits down with the two boys, and gives them her point of view. (Actually, though both involve boys and older women, Shane's is much more over the top. Possibly Nancy would not have reacted that much to Silas's doings, had she not been so understandably appalled by Shane.)

Meanwhile, Andy is El Andy in Mexico, a great coyote with great lines. Over the years, Andy, brilliant played by Justin Kirk, has had the best lines in the series.

Mary-Louise Parker's putting in an especially superb, saucy performance as Nancy this year herself. It's good to see her and Esteban together - I think they're an even better couple than Nancy and Conrad (Nancy certainly seems more happy). I hope Weeds doesn't break her heart by getting him killed...

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