Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama's Speech: Bringing Home America

I never thought Michelle Obama owed her Republican critics or tone-deaf people of any political view an apology for her style and her concerns about America. There is indeed a lot that is mean about this country, a lot not to be proud of, and as Michelle Obama said tonight in her address to the Democratic National Convention, people who see this have an obligation to speak out about this and try to make it better.

But, as Keith Olbermann noted on MSNBC, Michelle Obama's tone and content were letter-perfect tonight. The Republicans likely won't want to hear or acknowledge it. Nor will, especially, the clearly Republican women who claim to be Hillary supporters but say they are now voting for McCain. (Chris Matthews interviewed a few of those in the street, prior to the start of the Convention.)

But I think the true Hillary Clinton supporters, who saw her as the best candidate for America, and therefore could certainly never think the same about McCain, were the most important audience for Michelle Obama's speech tonight. Michelle not only graciously praised what Hillary had accomplished. Michelle also made crystal and powerfully clear what Barack Obama's election to the Presidency would mean to all groups mistreated - blacks, gays, women, all in different ways.

I've always thought there were two overlapping reasons to vote for Barack Obama. One relates to his policies on the war, energy, and making America a better country. The other is about what the election of an African-American would also do to make America a better country. Michelle's speech brought both points home tonight.

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