Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Patrick Buchanan on MSNBC: Hillary Will Campaign Hard for Obama, But Not Shed Tears If He Loses

Patrick Buchanan on MSNBC just said that although he expects Hillary to campaign hard for Obama, she won't shed any tears if he loses. He recalled that Nixon campaigned "even harder than Goldwater" for Goldwater in 1964, but Nixon was not at all upset that Goldwater lost, because that loss opened up 1968 for Nixon. Buchanan thinks the same applies to now and 2012 for Hillary Clinton, and also offered that she's therefore not likely go for the jugular with McCain this year.

Keith Olbermann a few minutes later responded that Hillary cares too much about the issues to do anything other than all-out campaign for Obama.

Let's sketch out the various slightly but significantly different scenarios that could play out here:

1. Hillary campaigns hard for Obama, but does not go all-out, because she would not be unhappy if he loses.

2. Hillary campaigns all-out for Obama, but would not be unhappy if he loses.

3. Hillary campaigns all-out for Obama, and would be unhappy if he loses, because she cares so deeply about the issues he and she believe in.

Which strikes you as closest to the truth? The question is somewhat cynical, ultimately unanswerable (for who can know anyone's true motives), but nonetheless interesting...

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