Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biden Hits McCain on Everything from Afghanistan to Amtrak

Republican pundits have been "faulting" the Democratic Convention before tonight for not offering hard-hitting criticism of John McCain.

Joe Biden's powerhouse speech tonight amply gave them their wish.

Biden's attack on McCain's poor judgment on foreign policy, contrasted with the astute calls on world affairs made by Obama, will be the keystone of the Democratic campaign. And Biden was just as truthfully scathing about McCain's domestic policies, on everything from empowering the rich to wanting to derail Amtrak. That last is pushing an open train line for me, and I'm looking forward to an Obama administration with Joe Biden as VP as time for retrieval and expansion of train travel in America.

Barack Obama's appearance on stage at the conclusion of Biden's speech was also very satisfying. More than just waving to the crowd, Obama singled out Michelle, Hillary, and Bill's speeches for praise - as well as Biden's.

I've said that I would have rather seen Hillary Clinton as the VP. But Biden was always my next choice, and he showed brilliantly why he will be a great VP candidate and a great Vice President tonight.

He asked if we remember when America was respected in the world. Tonight and the past few days were important steps in turning those memories into life.

And I'll be back tomorrow night...

And here's a link to Biden's complete speech...

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