Friday, August 29, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Ready to be President?

Picking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as VP running mate was the best thing John McCain could have done for his campaign. But I think it won't be enough. McCain is 72 years old, and not in perfect health. Can someone with Palin's complete lack of national experience - two years as Governor of Alaska, one of least populated in the nation (47th) - really know how to lead and protect our country as President? Will voters be ok with someone so far from the world stage just a heartbeat away from the President?

Palin was the best possible choice for the Republicans. It puts the Republicans on the right side of history and change - along with the Democrats and Obama. Some of Hillary Clinton's supporters, loyal more to her gender than her policies and positions, may well be tempted to vote for McCain and Palin. Joe Biden will likely find it a little more difficult to be tough with Palin than with Romney. But these may well be all secondary advantages, not enough to offset the glaring disadvantage of Sarah Palin: Americans do not know her, and what we do know gives us no confidence that she can take over the highest office in the land.

Capacity to take over as President has always been the single most important qualification of Vice President. We can't get away from that, especially with someone of John McCain's age.

When Americans go to the polls in the November, I'm betting that will be the decisive factor.

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